Italian names girl

14 14 Italian Girl Names List (A-Z) - Page 2 - from "Antonella" to "Camilla" Carlotta. Anna. 6. 4. 7. Agata Good-hearted. Zola is the Italian girl’s name of the Italian origin. 7. Allegra Happy, joyous. Luna. 5.

Baby girl names like Tiziana are exotic and mysterious. girl Free man, man + Italian Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names. Ginevra. Mona: 8.

Related: Expecting in 2020? Ariana. Capri: Capri is a modern name of the Italian origin. Alma Caring, fostering. Emilia. Giana. Isabella. Angelica God's messenger. Mia.
Name of the third century sain.. "happy," it is the name of a Verdi opera.. … Latin names like Antonio, Angelo, Mia have been popular.

Matilde. Italy has a rich tradition too.

Noemi. Alessandra Protector of humanity. The name has emerged from an Island of the same name in Italy which is known for its beauty.

Vittoria. Viola. Fancy roaming to Milan, Venice, Roam? Italian Baby Girl Names.

Italian Baby Girl Names. Not only are these places unique and beautiful; so are the Italian names. Angela God's messenger. Bella. Francesca. Alessia. 9. 150 Italian Girl Baby Names. 3.

Anastasia Resurrection. Italian names originated in Latin or have Latinized versions from other languages. Sienna. 2. Beatrice. The name means a lump of earth and is a very beautiful Italian baby girl name. Alessa Protector of humanity. Aria. Form of the Latin name Adrienne, meaning..
Amanda One who deserves love. 8.

Alba Fair, white.

1. 10. Gabriella. "gentle."
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