Lord of Tresserhorn
When Lord of Tresserhorn enters the battlefield, you lose 2 life, you sacrifice two creatures, and target opponent draws two cards. Qty: 32. Mtg, Lord Of Tresserhorn. Alliances Rare. 10/4/2004: When Lord of Tresserhorn enters the battlefield, if you have zero or one other creature on the battlefield, Lord of … Other Upcoming Sets Articles Card Database Collection Tracker Community Hub Tools & Web Apps. Lord of Tresserhorn. Add to Cart + Customers who viewed this also viewed: Phyrexian Dreadnought. The Lord had to keep the undead of Tresserhorn from rebelling.

Wizards of the Coast MTG - Alliances Lord of Tresserhorn (R2) (EX). Expansion: Masters Edition. 322/322. Your Community. Commander, to me, is Magic in its purest form. Lord of Tresserhorn Every night, when the last rays of sunlight are vanquished by the coming evening, most of the undead of Tresserhorn Keep leave their resting places to gather about the eternally blazing fire pit in Tresserhorn's throne hall. Glacial Chasm. Ryan from @ccopodcast guest hosts and brings in a pretty sweet Lord of Tresserhorn deck. Hide Comments. Player Rating: Community Rating: 4.029 / 5 (122 votes) The player rating is the overall rating for the card taking into account all player rating votes.

The various formats of Magic offer a very diverse field of gaming for players of all skill levels. P/T: 10 / 4. Hecatomb . Ryan from Commander Cookout @CCOPodcast joins Sean and talks about his wicked betrayal from GP Las Vegas last year, as well as an interesting take […] Commander 2020. Popular Comments. All Sets: Card Number: 149. (Black): Regenerate Lord of Tresserhorn. Discuss. When Lord of Tresserhorn enters the battlefield, you lose 2 life, you sacrifice two creatures, and target opponent draws two cards. Lord of Tresserhorn. Vampires; 19:41 Magical Mischief (Gruul WIP) 19:34 Disciple of knowledge (Grixis) 19:34 Vanguard Assault (Boros) 19:31 I brought my friends; Evenementen; 05-06 Friday Night at Home - Historic; 12-06 Friday Night at Home - Momir; 19-06 Friday Night at Home - Historic Brawl; Community . Rite of Consumption ~ Shadowmoor [ Moderately Played ] [ Magic MTG ] £2.48 + £1.50 P&P .
Only show me comments rated: stars. Ancestral Knowledge ~ Weatherlight [ Moderately Played ] [ Magic MTG ] £5.98 + £1.50 P&P . Add product to the cart. Add product to the cart.

When Lord of Tresserhorn comes into play, you lose 2 life and sacrifice two creatures, and an opponent draws two cards.

Chaesk, desperate to continue the butcherings and the goals of Lim Dul took several Balduvians, who were heroes in life, and formed a chimera out if their assorted parts. Details | Sets & Legality | Language | Discussion; x If you're looking for a specific comment, check the other printings as well. Beef/Fodder (15) 1 Gravecrawler 1 Nightscape Familiar 1 Cemetery Reaper 1 Death Baron 1 Gleaming Overseer 1 Zombie Master 1 Crypt Ghast 1 Undead Warchief 1 Gray Merchant of Asphodel 1 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born 1 Geth, Lord of the Vault 1 Grave Titan 1 Kokusho, the Evening Star 1 … New & Unread Posts. The Balduvians had literally beheaded Tresserhorn and without a true leader in the ghastly headquarters chaos set in.
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