Screech Owl feathers

They use their big, round eyes and keen sight to locate small movements at night. Despite the name, screech-owls do not screech; the voice of this species features whinnies and soft trills. – Having well camouflaged feathers doesn’t quite cut it sometimes. A short series of high toots accelerating through the night announces the presence of a Western Screech-Owl. Eastern Screech-Owls can be either mostly gray or mostly reddish-brown (rufous).

These compact owls—not much taller than a standard pair of binoculars—hunt in woods and deserts of western North America, where their wide-ranging diet includes everything from worms and crayfish to rats and bats. Interesting Facts About the Screech Owl Spooked Ya! Adaptations This owl has a great sense of hearing by which it can easily find its prey even under snow or dense vegetation. Whatever the overall color, they are patterned with complex bands and spots that give the bird excellent camouflage against tree bark. When these birds are frightened they take... Big Bird – If they know they’ve been spotted, instead of flattening themselves they choose the opposite route.



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