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Enter your current tag/license plate number. New Alabama resident’s deadline extends to 30 days. Tag Renewals and Vehicle Registration; Tag Renewals and Vehicle Registration ... and corresponding vehicle tag number(s). Follow the process above in the “ Registering a Vehicle in Alabama" section. These applications must be mailed to the Motor Vehicle Division. If your tags are ever damaged, stolen, or lost, you'll be able to order replacement plates or stickers. To report a criminal tax violation, please call (251) 344-4737. Alabama residents have the same registration process as civilians. Renewing your registration is a requirement to drive in Alabama legally. This renewal notice will typically include general information about the vehicle, a PIN which can be used for online renewal, the amount of the renewal fee, the name of the individual to whom the vehicle is registered, and this person’s address. AL Military Residents Stationed Out of State. Resident Military Registration. The registration process gets handled by the Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division. If you have had a change of address you will need to present proof of residency to your local license office. Registration Open. Alabama law allows prorated registration fees for self-propelled campers, farm trucks, and farm truck tractors that are to be RE-REGISTERED. We'll verify you have all of the correct documents and then submit everything securely to the County; The County will process your registration and calculate how much you owe in registration fees and taxes; You'll be notified that it's time to pay. You’ll renew registration yearly or every other year. Licensing Offices Find your local licensing officials office and see which counties allow online registration. Note that you can also apply for temporary tags valid for 20 days, which will allow you to legally operate your vehicle until you collect the items necessary for the registration procedure. If the vehicle is acquired from a licensed Alabama dealer, then the dealer should apply for the Alabama certificate of title.

Driving without a valid copy of your registration can get you a ticket, so you’ll need to get a replacement ASAP. Click the link for your county. For additional questions please contact the Motor Vehicle Division at 334-242-9000. Click the “Renew an Automobile” button. Registration begins at 8:00 AM CDT on June 2, 2020 (8:00 a.m. CDT) and ends July 8, 2020 (8:00 a.m. CDT).. Selections for each zone will be held at 12:00 PM CDT on the second Wednesday of July.Selection results will be posted immediately thereafter and applicants can check their selection status on the same website in which they registered. It is the owner’s responsibility to register […]

If you are stationed outside of Alabama, you may be able to register your vehicle by mail.



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