cayman islands immigration work permit

Temporary/Short-term permits You are here: Cayman Islands Immigration Department > Help > Forms > T1 - Temporary Work Permit Application Form T1 - Temporary Work Permit Application Form Use this form: To protect the local Islanders from what is viewed as undue competition from unqualified overseas applicants seeking to work in the Cayman Islands, the Immigration Board has developed a policy of work permits and criteria by which potential expatriate workers are assessed. Several Immigration work permit and supplementary forms have been updated since December 2016 to February 2017. Cayman Immigration Consultant Services is the second longest established Immigration Consultation entity in the Cayman Islands. ... filing a work permit – Denize was able to articulate, clarify and answer every single one of my questions and concerns. The following people do not require a work permit: The type of work permit required depends on your qualifications, whether your employer has an entity in the Cayman Islands, and the nature and duration of your work. Annual Work Permit - Grants Apart from the people listed below, anyone wishing to work in the Cayman Islands must first obtain a work permit. Differences in work permit fees charged to various jobs in separate industries has been a complaint voiced by the Cayman Islands business community in recent years. Work permits for the Cayman Islands.

Work Permit Application fees; Work Permit dependent fees; Work Permit temporary fees; Special Economic Zone (SEZ)/Cayman Enterprise City Work Permit fees; Business Staffing Plan fees; ... Cayman Islands Immigration | Elgin Avenue, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands | (345) 949-8344.

Work permit fees for bookkeepers were also pegged at $4,000 across all businesses in Cayman. LEGISLATION. Pursuant to the provision of the Immigration Law (as amended) it is possible to obtain a temporary work permit (a "Temporary Permit") for up to six months or a full work permit (a "Full Permit") for one, two or even three years for a non-Caymanian employee, which a Cayman company/employer may wish to employ. In the construction industry, permit fees for most blue collar jobs went up by about $500 per year.

General Immigration Fees. Before submitting a work permit application the prospective employer must, unless exempted to do so by the Governor-in-Cabinet or the Board, advertise the position in a local newspaper to ascertain the availability of a Caymanian, the spouse of a Caymanian, the holder of a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate, or a person already legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands. R7 - Permission To Reside In The Cayman Islands As A Dependant Of A Caymanian R13 - Permanent Resident Annual Declaration Form R15 - Dependant Information Form There were 25,870 work permits and government contracts for non-Caymanian workers active in the Cayman Islands as of Tuesday, according to records from the Immigration Department. The administration of work permits is the responsibility of the Cayman Islands Government Department of Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman (WORC) (formerly the Department of Immigration) and are the legal obligation of your employer.

As COVID-19 continues to be a national and global concern, the Cayman Islands Government continues to take all necessary precautions to ensure that its people and residents are informed and aware of the measures that have been put in place in order to avoid or reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. After eight years, most residents are assured of the right to apply for Permanent Residence. All foreign nationals gainfully employed in the Cayman Islands are currently entitled to be considered for the grant of a work permit for up to nine years. ... Our team has over 20 years of experience reviewing Cayman Immigration Law. These forms include: • Health Insurance and Pension Declaration (2016) • Business Staffing Plan Grant Form (2017) • Work Permit Grant Form (2017) • Accommodation Form (2017) for Temp Work Permits and WP Grants Scroll. We have provided and handled Immigration issues for the Hyatt Resort, Foster’s Food Fair IGA, Dolphin Cove, Dolphin Discovery, Tips & Toes Ltd., Caribbean Optical, AMB Construction, Britt Hay to name a few. The No.1 Choice for Cayman Islands Immigration Services For Employers For Individuals.

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