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When East 17 stumbled into the Walthamstow, England limelight in late 1991 they had little idea that their rabble-rousing brand of boy-band pop would create such a storm. East 17 notched up eighteen Top 20 singles and four Top 10 albums, and were one of the most famous acts in the world during the early to mid 1990s.

Photograph: John Angerson Hi Tony! Terry joins John in being the only two members to stick through the East 17 and E-17 days. He still performs with the band, which is now made up of Terry, Robbie Craig since 2014 and Terry John since 2018. In 1990 this band was one of the most popular boy bands in the UK — the musicians sold over 18 mln records all over the world and their songs remained …

The plight of the ex-East 17 singer, 40, was revealed by Labour MP Simon Danczuk as part of a campaign to improve support for artists after their careers as musicians come to an end. And now you're a … we hear you cry… Well, according to the press release we received with this "exciting" news, Robbie Craig is a "Chart Topper / … B*witched, Atomic Kitten and remaining members of East 17 and S Club 7 tour Australia in February. John exclusively stressed to us on why he left the band. All three of the band members hailed from Walthamstow, a north-eastern district of London, and so the band was named after their post-code, East 17. But all is not lost - Terry Coldwell and John Hendy (original East 17 members) are now joined by a new guy called Robbie Craig. So East 17 are back! 'Who the hell is Robbie Craig?' Lead singer Brian Harvey has been sacked by East 17 less than a day after making a full apology for his highly controversial statements on ecstasy. East 17 — is a British music band, performing pop-rock, dance-pop, hip hop and rap. With the notable exception of Take That, East 17 were the most successful teen-oriented dance-pop band in Britain of the early '90s. This list may not reflect recent changes (). This song was written by Tony Mortimer of East 17 about his brother Ollie committing suicide. 151 talking about this. [kilde mangler]Referencer The lyrics of the first verse, "Don't you know we've come too far now just to throw it all away" are a reference to throwing his life away, while "I touch your face while you are sleeping, and hold your hand, don't understand what's going on." FORMER East 17 star Brian Harvey has sparked concern after uploading a worrying YouTube video in which he claims he hasn’t left the house in five years. The story of East 17 East 17. In contrast to the wholesome boy band image, East 17 were seen as a grittier and more 'real', blending rap and pop in songs such as 'House of Love' and 'Steam', and also tackled political issues with tracks like 'Let It Rain'. Pages in category "East 17 members" The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total.

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