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Subscribe. (YouTube) Who killed Keith Ratliff, YouTube's "gun nut" celeb? ... Keith Ratliff was better known to the gun-loving side of YouTube as the curator to ... 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. There is no registration or software needed. Brands. The weapons enthusiast was shot surrounded by guns in Georgia, and no one knows how or by whom Guns become obsolete if you can't upgrade them early enough.

Self-professed 'gun nut' Keith Ratliff found fatally shot in the head in suspected homicide 'Every one of you should be able to own an assault weapon of your choice,' Ratliff posted last year on YouTube. Convert and download youtube videos to mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) files for free. Information. The Root.
Myers, nor his father, could be reached for comment. Ratliff, originally from Frankfort, Ky., had lived less than a year in Franklin County before he was fatally shot. Hundreds of Confused Anti-Gun People Think I'm a Gun Nut—And That This Is My Gun. Myers’ YouTube videos has about 3.4 million subscribers, making it one the most viewed channels on YouTube, according to the website AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

YouTube's Most Popular 'Gun Nut' Found Shot to Death, Surrounded by Guns.

Newsletters. at level=2 gun-nut-1 crafts "powerful" receiver, long … In one of his videos he says, "I am a gun nut."

In particular I always keep one gun with a suppressor, if that has to be a pipe-bolt-action, then I can't use a hunting rifle or combat rifle for quiet attacks. Last week, Ratliff, 32, was found dead. PRIEST II PRIEST II External adjustable reg (50-200 Bar) Special long range pellet Barrel, 500 ml CFC 300 Bar fill bottle,Redesigned Fully adjustable 2 stage trigger (200 gr ) NEW. You may also like. Your email. Sign Up for Our Newsletter! Ratliff was a channel producer for the FPSRussia, one of the top 10 most popular channels on YouTube.
e.g. Exciting, state of the art Guns And Accessories.
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