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She was the daughter of the Qianlong Emperor’s younger half-brother Hongzhou and Hongzhou’s primary spouse […] The Qianlong Emperor (Chien-lung Emperor; born Hongli (Hung-li; Chinese: 弘曆; Möllendorff transliteration hung li); 17 September 1711 – 7 February 1799) was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper. He frequently accompanied his grandfather on hunting trips. View Media Page.

This was because according to the dishu system, his mother, Lady Hitara, was Yongyan's primary spouse whereas his elder brother was born to Yongyan's concubine.

Quick Facts . Emperor Qianlong's harem has been cast into the spotlight recently––with a hit tv show airing at the moment and another to come. The Qianlong Emperor (r. 1736-1795) In the fiftieth year of the Kangxi reign, Prince Yong's wife, Lady Niuhulu gave birth to the fourth son of Prince Yong, and named the baby Hongli. A possible portrait of the Step Empress In 1748, following the death of Qianlong’s first wife, Empress Xiaoxianchun, Consort Xian was promoted to the rank of “imperial noble consort” with responsibility for managing the imperial harem. Her clan name is written as Ulanara while her personal name is unknown.

Ulanara, the Step Empress was born to the Manchu Ula clan, a subgroup of the Nara clan, which was under the Bordered Yellow Banner of the Eight Banners. Rong Fei chronology.

It occurred to me that a side-by-side comparison between Emperor's Qianlong three Empresses and King … The Jiaqing emperor, who succeeded Qianlong, had to wait for the old emperor’s death before he could have Heshen arrested, relieve him of all his responsibilities, order the confiscation of his property, and grant him the favour of a suicide by reason of his blood ties with the imperial family. Editor: Li Yang. He was an able military commander and embarked on many missions to crush rebellions soon after he took to the throne. Back to the top. Qianlong (Ch'ien-lung, Hung-li) was born into the Aisin Gioro clan of the Manchu people, a seminomadic race living in Manchuria. Qianlong Emperor Hunts Deers.jpg 1,120 × 975; 280 KB Qianlong Emperor.jpg 2,004 × 1,785; 524 KB Qianlong era imperial plaque IMG 5848 Great Lama Temple Beijing - Jietai Building qianlong era temple treasures.jpg 3,024 × 4,032; 2.08 MB He was made a first rank prince in 1733, when his father took to the throne. Qianlong became the emperor following his father’s death in 1735. Few men have ever lived like Qianlong, who became emperor of China at age 25 in 1736.

Translator: Adam J. Ensign. Mianning was favoured by his grandfather, the Qianlong Emperor. This scroll served as both familial documentation and a "mind picture" of the Qianlong emperor, suggesting that his constructed image of emperorship was inseparable from concepts of self and family. The Palace Museum. Coincidentally, the same three women, namely the three empresses of Qianlong, are heavily featured in the two dramas, albeit in entirely different lights.

It was stored in a carved red lacquer box bearing the original painting title Mind Picture of a Well-Governed and Tranquil Reign. The Qianlong Emperor adopted a niece, Heshuo Princess Hewan (和碩和婉公主; 24 July 1734 – 2 May 1760). Ulanara, the Step Empress (11 March 1718 – 14 July 1766), was the second Empress of the Qianlong Emperor of the qing dynasty. Neither Manchu nor Han Chinese, her upbringing was different and she also walked a separate path from other consorts in the palace. He was a tall, handsome, athletic, artistic and intellectual man and … Qianlong Emperor : biography 25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799 Daughters The personal names of the Qianlong Emperor’s daughters are not known. An Emperor was always expected to be a man of his words; to fulfill his promise, on the third day, ninth month of the sixtieth year of Qianlong’s reign (1795), the eighty-five year old Emperor convened his princes, the nobility and his great generals, to declare that his fifteenth son, Yongyan (1760-1820, r. 1796-1820), Prince Jia of the First Rank, was to become crown prince. Just nine months later, Hongli succeeded his father as the Qianlong Emperor, and the future empress became known as Consort Xian. The real Rong Fei was completely different from the fictional "Fragrant Consort".

May 22, 2019 - Explore geoffreysobels's board "Qianlong emperor" on Pinterest. Spouse/Ex-: Consort Dun, Consort Shu, Dowager Noble ... every aspect that is expected of a prince. Spouse(s) Qianlong Emperor: Rong Fei 容妃 was an Uyghur minority woman who became a favorite consort to the Qianlong Emperor. Emperor Qianlong was the longest living Emperor of Chinese history. In this History of China video, 7th of the Qing Emperors Series, I expose Qianlong biography, his … Family background . See more ideas about Qianlong emperor, Chinese art, Emperor. Qianlong (1711-1899) was the emperor of China and an ideal Confucian ruler during the height of the last dynasty, the Qing (Ch'ing).



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