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In regard to birdhouses, all of these methods I will list can be substituted for birdhouse runs if you’d prefer to level Hunter passively while doing other things. Players can expect about 110,000 experience per hour hunting these with 5 traps set up. Hunter: 130K/hr . Yea, i hunted red chinchompas and red salamanders for 10 minutes each, and if I concentrate, I could get close to 100k at red chins, per hour. When I was doing Orange Salamanders I was averaging 34k-40k exp an hour, and 45k-50k exp an hour at Red Salamanders. It uses tarromin tar as ammo, which can be made by using a clean tarromin with swamp tar at 39 Herblore. The red salamander is a salamander that players can capture with the Hunter skill at level 59 or above, granting 272 Hunter experience. Combat at Zombie Monkeys 110k-115k (varies depending on familiar used).

How to catch

Since this is located in a safe place and not in the Wilderness, this is the fastest training method in the game.

You must be doing something wrong. Red salamander (Hunter) From Old School RuneScape Wiki OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Hunter Guide. The black salamander is the strongest salamander that can be caught using the Hunter skill at level 67 Hunter, giving 319 experience per catch. At 63 Hunter, hunt red chinchompas for 82,000 experience per hour. The red salamander is the second strongest salamander and can be caught using the Hunter skill at level 59. Hunter tactics to catch more red chinchompas per hour WARNING: I made this guide in 2007. It is a 2-handed weapon that requires level 70 Attack, Magic and Ranged to wield, and can be used to train all three.

I … Below, you will find a table of the experience requirements for each level, along with the amount of experience between a level and the next.

You will need one small nets per one rope (bring 5 of each in case you lose one) in order to catch salamanders. Because of this, many players choose to catch red salamanders until level 80. Red Salamanders .

59-67 Red salamanders: 80,000 with four traps 67-77 Black salamander (Wilderness) 110,000-186,000 Catch charm sprites from 72-77 for 100,000 experience per hour.

I never put it back because in the meantime the introduction of the Ooglog area messed up the hunting spots I talk about in this guide. Red Chinchompas are a nice moneymaking method to reach 99 hunter. The red salamander is the second strongest salamander and can be caught at 59 Hunter. OSRS Hunter Guide – Moneymaking methods Red Chinchompas 80 – 99. You can make 2M-4M RS3 gold per hour hunting Grenwalls depending on if you are using the private Grenwall hunter area and if you are a high level hunter for the access to more box traps. Red Salamanders give 272 xp when caught, and once you find an empty world you'll be cruising through levels. It requires level 60 Ranged to wield. Because of this, many players choose to catch red salamanders until level 80. Runecrafting Double Cosmics via Abyss No idea, but if I told you that you could do 40 runs per hour that should help Runecrafting Natures via Ghaak at via Abyss 27.5k xp with 280k profit if below 91 rc. Another benefit of Herbiboars is the 1 in 6500 chance of getting a pet, and although Red and Black Chinchompas do give a pet, you have a better chance of getting the Herbiboar pet on the way to 99. Combat at Armored Zombie 100k w/ 180k profit. ... so you should always do whatever will get you the most XP per hour. At 59 Hunter, hunt red salamanders for 72,000 experience per hour. EXP Rate. Each red salamander grants 272 experience, which is more experience than red chinchompas. It can also be bought from other players or at the Grand Exchange. This means that hunters with 60+ Hunter can set 5 traps, and 80+ can set up 6 at black salamanders. It requires level 60 Ranged, 60 Attack, and 60 Magic to wield. Profit for 1-99: 200M+ Profit for 1-120: 1B+ All of these hunting methods are profitable, and you can make over 1M per hour. It got messed up by a change of the forums. Red salamander (Hunter) From Old School RuneScape Wiki This means you can train on Red Salamanders faster than kebbits. This method is similar to hunting black salamanders, but safer and the Hunter level requirements are also lower.While both areas have aggressive low level monsters, red salamanders are not in the Wilderness like black salamanders are. But, using the 3 tick Hunting method to set up your box traps, you get about 20% more XP per hour, boosting you up about 160 000 – 170 000 XP per hour. Catching Red Chinchompas normally will get you about 100 000 XP per hour. They can be found north-east of the Chaos Temple.. Profit per hour. Red salamanders are in high demand as they are an inexpensive version of the dragon 2h crossbow with the same Disassemble materials yield..

Runecrafting Deaths via Abyss 28k with about 350k profit. at red salamanders, I only got 70k exp per hour Well thats really good since I don't even make 100k hunt xp at 99 :')

Depending on your herblore level, you can expect around 200K+ gp per hour. So i was doing hunter earlier today, at red sallys i was getting 65k-75k~ xp per hour using 3 traps, where as using 4 traps i was getting 53k xp per hour ~ , then at 67 hunter i switched to black sallys and using 5 traps i was getting 46k-52k xp per hour, how is that even possible ?



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