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You use them to gather evidence. He lives in London at 221B Baker Street, is the brother between Mycroft and Eurus Holmes, and best friend and former flatmate of Dr John Watson.. 10 Case booklets, 10 newspapers, a Map of London, a London directory and the rules. You have a daily newspaper, a map of London with references to the locations in an address book and in each case book you have access to all parties involved and some who will have no idea why you showed up at their door step. Consulting Detective is generous with its components. You aren’t even limited in where you can go. Question. Overview: What do you get for your money? 14. Posted by 10 months ago. William Sherlock Scott Holmes is the world's only "consulting detective", a profession he himself created. A new standalone box for Sherlock Holmes consulting detective Cooperate with Your friends to solve each case in a Shared deductive Experience An utterly unique game structure draws you into the World of Sherlock Holmes New (3) from $45.86 + FREE Shipping. In my quest to create a great Sherlock experience for my girlfriend and I, I have run into an issue--I cannot find the measurements of the board online anywhere. - High resolution, digital remake of the original map by - High resolution leather table texture - Unlimited notepads for note taking. Close. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. Six of these cases are standalone adventures, while four others form a linked campaign that challenges you to stop the murders of the notorious Jack the Ripper! Question. Archived. Do you have it in you to match the skills of, maybe, the best detective of all time? The entire city of London is yours to explore, spread out on a physical map designed for you to investigate and pore over. I' for the PC, an adventure game by ICOM Simulations released in 1992. < > All you need to do is track down the right person. How do you play You must solve difficult murder cases, all by yourself or with the help of your friends. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective offers a drastic departure from every other board game—even other cooperative games. Enjoy! Enjoy! INTRODUCTION G0100 ===== Welcome to 'Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Vol. In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective you can test your skills as a detective. This box can be played entirely on its own or used as an expansion to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, but no matter how you play, youll face ten entirely new cases. Toys parents shopped for. BASICS G0200 ===== The Map displays eight investigative tool icons. ===== 02.)



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