steelhead trout location

Trout are known for being more active during rainy weather. All steelhead trout hatch in gravel-bottomed, fast-flowing, well-oxygenated rivers and streams.
The Steelhead Trout in Red Dead Redemption 2, is a medium-sized fish required for Total Completion of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game developed by Rockstar Studios.

The Steelhead Trout can be found in the very northeast corner of the map, right up against the limit of the playable map on a stretch of the Kamassa River. Some stay in fresh water all their lives, and are called rainbow trout.
The Legendary Steelhead Trout has been spotted by fishermen near Willard's Rest. Like other Trout, Lake Lures and River Lures are the most successful way to catch this species of fish. A large number of RDR2 Steelhead Trouts can be found in lakes and rivers; being endemic to both northern and southern regions. Steelhead trout that migrate to the ocean typically grow larger than the ones that stay in freshwater.



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