what car does fuzz townshend drive

Wonderstuff star steals cars - then does them up and returns them Drummer Fuzz Townshend puts smile back on drivers' faces in Car SOS for the National Geographic Channe Share James Nesbitt, Billy Rodgers, Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw of Car S.O.S next to the restored car During his wedding in 2015 John Rodgers took his father aside and made him a promise. We think that budget issues were a bit of a feeble excuse and that they were a bit scared of working on the Daf or they didn't think they could get the parts. I bought a Ford Anglia at 15, but scrapped it before I could drive, then I drove my mum’s Fiesta Mk 1, but the first car I bought of my own to drive was a 1950’s series 1 Land Rover.

Car SOS presenter Fuzz Townshend was raised by a single mum since his father walked out when he was young. Fuzz, Sir Stirling and Tim. I did also buy a double-decker bus! The duo, combined with the Car SOS team employ graft and mechanical expertise to restore classic cars to their former glory. Westgate classics Ltd is a classic car restoration company set up in 2011 by Mike Harris, who has 50+ years of hands-on experience working on classic motor vehicles. But I didn’t drive this, I got offered some money for … Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend return for their biggest and best series yet of Car SOS on National Geographic, turning clapped-out classic cars into the beautiful smooth machines they once were.

Series 6 (2018) [ edit ] No. Fuzz Townshend Short Wiki Bio. The car has been featured in Classic Car Monthly a couple of mags back. Mike has always majored in bodywork and paint and is a specialist in glass-fibre and modern composites, as … This Car SOS star has had a wide range of career that has given him a reasonable amount of net worth. Hey ho, no point crying over spilt engine oil, the car is all done and on the road which is what counts. If you aren’t familiar with Car SOS, it’s a classic car restoration programme hosted by Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw. Car SOS is back for a sixth series with parts blagging petrolhead Tim Shaw and master mechanic Fuzz Townshend breathing life into classic cars for unsuspecting owners. This series yet another array of iconic cars including a 1990s Lancia Delta Integrale, a 60s Citroen DS, an 80s Peugeot 205 Rally car and a … With three seasons of National Geographics Car S.O.S under his belt, Fuzz Townshend has had his hands full with restoring some well delapitated classics. Some go as far as having controls for bass, middle, and treble — allowing further tonal tweakability. Buckle up guys, Car SOS is back in business. Fuzz Townshend earned the position of TV presenter after he was approached to do a screen test for a new show, “Car SOS” by a TV production company. Fuzz Townshend explained why he does this: “It’s great to see the expression on people’s faces when we return their cars to them.

Partnering up with Tim Shaw and the crew at Westgate Classics the past months have had Fuzz working hard on the fourth series of ten cars. Overdrive Pedals.

I have watched CAR SOS for many years and, due to my sheer frustration, I wrote to Fuzz saying that the show was contrived. I did also buy a double-decker bus!

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