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Find descriptive alternatives for pride. Getting caught cheating stripped him of his pride. Arrogance, boasting, haughtiness and snobbery are all fairly … Continue Reading "Positive and Negative Pride" It lies at the root of all sin and self-centeredness, producing a profound darkness in the minds of those who tolerate it. The Bible defines pride as arrogance, haughtiness and conceit. 3 5 8 Pride is an insidious spiritual cancer. By birth and marriage he was a Southerner, and the citizens of Norfolk counted on his throwing in his lot with them; but professional pride, and affection for the flag under which he had served for more than fifty years, held him true to his allegiance; he passionately rejected the proposals of his fellow-townsmen, and as it was more than hinted to him that his longer stay in Norfolk might be dangerous, he hastily quitted …

Examples of source of pride For these people, the war was a source of pride , the launching pad of civilian careers, or just a new start in a new region. Pride would not allow her to give up. Pride contends for supremacy with Him. When you immediately tune someone out who starts teaching you something that you may be somewhat familiar with, that is an example of pride. Pride occurs when sinful human beings subconsciously aspire to the status and position of God and refuse to acknowledge their dependence upon Him. Examples of pride in a Sentence Noun Being able to work again gave him his pride back.
Some forms of pride are obvious (at least when they occur in the lives of others). Pride emphasizes the self over others, and it rejects God’s greatness.

From Cambridge English Corpus It is the assumption that you know everything about the subject being communicated and that this person, whom you see as inferior in knowledge to you, cannot teach you something new.

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