implosion: zero day

Following an alien invasion, all life on Earth is believed extinct. Implosion: Zero Day (2018) Plot. One soldier survives in a civilian community using a nuclear warhead for life-sustaining power. Estimated delivery Jan 2018. Take in the sights and sounds of the world that makes up our vivid dystopian setting. The soldier ventures out into the wild to find them a way off Earth. Sneak Peek Music Suite 電影配樂搶先聽. 65 backers With Stefanie Joosten, Stephanie Sheh. Join us now! The official website for Rayark’s first movie production will bring the most exclusive updates and build a universe to reimagine the world you know. Features: Stunning console-quality graphics, first-class voice acting and Hollywood-grade audio production. One soldier survives in a civilian community using a nuclear warhead for life-sustaining power.
pledged of $400,000 goal 1,670 backers Support. Pledge US$ 5 or more About US$ 5. a movie teaser of IMPLOSION ZERO_DAY from Rayark game My duties: mech & character concept 3D modeling, texturing, animation and lighting+rendering post-production Cooperation : Paperbox creations Following an alien invasion, all life on Earth is believed extinct. Come on a ride with us through the soundtrack of Zero_Day, and surrender your senses to our composer. 10 talking about this.
Implosion: Never Lose Hope is an action video game developed and published by Rayark, and released on April 8, 2015 for iOS and Android and on July 6, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch.. Never Lose Hope received critical acclaim, with praise going to its impressive visuals, exciting gameplay, first-class voice acting and full orchestral scores. Less. Showing all 1 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Summaries. Select this reward. Directed by Anton Mark-Hitchman. The clock is ticking as it's discovered they cannot hide them any longer. Scavenger: Name included on our website's hall of fame + Screensaver. February 03, 2019 Watch Online Movie Implosion: Zero Day [2018] Implosion: Zero Day 2018 => Movie link Actors: Stefanie Joosten, Stephanie Sheh; Writers: Anton Mark-Hitchman; Implosion: ZERO_DAY Project We Love Taipei City, Taiwan Animation $428,853.
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