merkel double rifle
Holland & Holland .577 Double Rifle factory contract engraved by Winston Churchill. Hunting dangerous game requires a large and powerful round, and due to the nature of the animal hunted, it must be capable of rapid follow-up shots.

7514021E.375_A750090. Merkel Rifles for sale. Merkel .470 Nitro Express 140AE Side by Side Rifle (R/H) - New (5) New. Apart from their legendary elegance and responsiveness, the fast-action and precise rifle comes with other features like Merkel Duo manual cocking system, set trigger, long side plates, and single trigger for a quick second shot. The side-by-side rifle is the traditional gun used for high-class big game hunting - a hunting gun befitting its station.

The double rifle is the chosen weapon for this application. SKU. Merkel .375 H&H 140-2.1 SXS. Suggested Retail Price $11,995.00! Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Merkel Guns. Details . $14,990.00. W Horton & Sons now operate the Merkel Gallery in the UK. This firearm is the preferred weapon of choice even in the most dangerous African wilderness hunt.

Merkel Double Rifles Merkel craftsmen are renowned for producing the finest line of side-by-side and over under rifles. 23 1/2in. Rifles. Merkel are a name that most sportsmen and women know in the UK.
The double rifle is often the chosen weapon for those hunting large and dangerous game. Refine / Filter / Sort. The Merkel Double Rifle is one of the leading side-by-side rifles in Europe. Items per page: 100. This revered gun-making company in Germany manufactured the Merkel Double Rifle patterned from 28-gauge • Merkel Double Rifles is popular with classical driven hunt specialists. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Email. MERKEL Model 140-2 375H&H Description: NEW IN THE BOX! When it comes to top-class firearms, very few names can stand side-by-side with Merkel rifles. Merkel is one of the Continental European companies leading the modern renaissance of the side-by-side double-barreled rifle. Northamptonshire.

10; 25; 50; 100; Merkel Rifle Mechanisms. Merkel. Guns. This is the only H&H firearm of any type that Churchill engraved during his entire 40+ year engraving career. Contact a Dealer.

Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Private Seller. 7514021E.375_A750090. Double-barreled rifles have long been the firearms of choice for European driven game hunts as well as for use on the most dangerous African game.

Straight Pull; Single Shot; Bolt Action; Side by Side ; £6,000 US$7,594/€6,677.

However few retailers specialise in this fine maker choosing to offer the status quo, so for many years the brand Merkel has been overlooked. These elegant hunting guns offer exceptional accuracy and reliable shooting performance in addition to ornate handcrafted engraving and hand carved checkering.



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