philip ii wars

Philip II of Spain (May 21, 1527 – September 13, 1598) was, starting in 1556, king of Spain, Italy and Burgundy, the Netherlands, Naples, and overseas Spanish America.He was born in Valladolid, and was the only son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and his wife to live until he was an adult.

In 1543 he married Mary of Portugal but she died in 1546 giving birth to their son, Don Carlos. Philip II himself ordered the Spanish bishops at the Council of Trent to insist on no accommodation of Protestants. Despite constant religious warfare, Spain's culture flourished. Philip II fought with France, England, and the Netherlands because of political and religous discontent that came together to cause a lot of revolts.

He wanted to crush them.

Hostilities on the continent were quelled until King Philip's War broke out in 1675. Known in Spain as “Philip the Prudent,” his empire included territories on every continent then known to Europeans, including … Imperiums: Greek Wars.

Philip II (1165-1223), sometimes called Philip Augustus, ruled France from 1180 to 1223. June 5, 2008 by Marge Anderson. The Wars of Philip II and the Dutch Revolt, 1556-1598 | The Great Powers in Conflict. Philip II of Macedon (r.359-336 BC) was one of the great conquerors of Greek history, inheriting his kingdom in the aftermath of a dangerous defeat in which his predecessor was killed, and ending his reign as the dominant power in Greece, with an empire that including Thessaly and large parts of Thrace. Mary Tudor became Queen of England in 1553. However, the reforms at Trent were less relevant to Spain than elsewhere as Cardinal Ximenes, Charles V and Philip II had ensured that Spain remained thoroughly Catholic.

The son of Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire and his wife, Infanta Isabella of Portugal, Philip II of Spain was born in 1527. PROBLEMS DURING PHILIP II'S REIGN Philip II was the most powerful king of his times, but he had In 1556 Charles V abdicated both his Spanish and imperial crowns and retired to a monastery, where he died two years later. Accomplishments and Failures King Phillip of Spain is arguably one of the most influential leaders in Spain's history. Equipment of Philip II’s Macedonian infantry. Being born into a family that had roots all over europe, his fortune of aquiring land without conquering them was an important aspect of his kingship. Philip's Legacy. Historical 4X turn based strategy Era of Philip II of Macedon Prosperity Build, grow, and develop your empire Politics Negotiate, forge alliances, and build up your political weight War Fight to … Philip II. Philip II also insisted that Spain’s representatives were present at the provincial councils of the … The Phocians had seized the city of Delphi, home of the famed oracle.Both Athens and Sparta entered the conflict on the side of the Phocians. Instead, Philip intended each man should fight as part of a larger, trained mass: the Macedonian phalanx. The Wars of Philip II and the Dutch Revolt, 1556-1598 | The Great Powers in Conflict June 5, 2008 by Marge Anderson In 1556 Charles V abdicated both his Spanish and imperial crowns and retired to a monastery, where he died two years later. Philip was well educated in the sciences, and also learned French and Latin. Philip, the only son of Emperor Charles V, was born in Valladolid in 1527. There were several attempts by Protestant to overthrow Mary. However, his reign saw the economic decline of Spain, her bankruptcy and a disastrous decade from 1588 to 1598 which included the … He governed Spain in her so-called “Golden Age”.

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